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Monthly opinions, research and reviews in the world of tea. This stimulating non-commercial blog is never used to promote the products of Tillerman Tea.

Dong Ding the Witch is Dead

The Tale of Lin Feng Chi In 1855, Lin Feng Chi set out for the Chinese mainland from his home in Nantou county on the island of Formosa (now the country of Taiwan.) He was off to write his provincial civil service examinations. As he was an impecunious scholar,...

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Thea ex machina

“Hold on, I’m coming”   Amongst avid tea consumers and many vendors, there is a bias against using machines to harvest tea leaves. This bias runs so deep that some use it as the primary indicator of quality. For example, consider the following observation:  ...

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Stinky Tofu!

Epicurian delight Have you ever tried Taiwan’s “stinky tofu?” it’s usually deep-fried and is sold at night markets in most of Taiwan’s larger cities. It IS stinky and it IS an acquired taste; one that I have yet to master. Not certain I ever will; or really want to....

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Drinking Tea “Properly”

Tea is naught but this: First you heat the water, Then you make the tea. Then you drink it properly. That is all you need to know. Sen no Rikyu I recently came across the above lines immortalized by Sen no Rikyu, the great master of the Japanese tea...

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