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Monthly opinions, research and reviews in the world of tea. This stimulating non-commercial blog is never used to promote the products of Tillerman Tea.

The Simple Matter of Taste

It just makes my kettle boil Recently I posted an observation to an online group and asked for comments. The observation was that, in Taiwan, nearly everyone I encounter (growers, producers, vendors and tea houses) brews oolong tea with boiling water. [1] ...

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Over the Rainbow: In Search of Authenticity

“We welcome you to Munchkin land”  Everybody is claiming it: "My teas are authentic...," "authenticity is our watchword...," "we are 100% authentic….” These claims just go on and on[1]. But what on earth does "authentic” mean? If everyone claims it, does it really...

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The Handmade’s Tale

"With My Own Two Hands" HARPER “Handmade!” Producers and vendors love to tout the handmade quality of their teas. But does this make a difference? Are handmade teas any better than those made by machine?  Does anyone really care? And what is meant by “handmade tea” in...

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The Confessions of a Tea Snob

Mea Cupa Please don’t judge me but I’m afraid I’m a tea snob.  Can there be any doubt about it? I refuse coffee. I drink only “true tea”, preferably acquired from small independent family growers and specialty shops. I assiduously avoid teabags. I generally brew in a...

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O Canada,The True North Strong and Tea

Today is Canada Day. And it’s a special one as the nation celebrates the sesquicentennial of Confederation on July 1st 1867; Canada has grown and changed a lot over the past 150 years. Yet Canada didn’t have a “Halifax tea party” at its birth and it has no “Tea Party”...

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Black is Black, I want my Oolong back

If it walks like a duck I love drinking oolong tea. I devote my business to the promotion of oolong tea. I search out oolong tea. I proselytize on behalf of oolong tea. I am fully vested in oolong tea. But what on earth is an oolong tea? Formerly this question was...

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Lapsang Souchong: A Review of Two Teas

As I indicated in “The Ground Rules” I will be doing occasional reviews of teas that I find exceptional. These reviews will never include Tillerman Tea products. This is the first such review. Xiao Cui I didn't go there to buy but, before heading out to the tea farms...

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