Founder and President David Campbell

Dedicated to the Art of Tea

Dedicated to fostering one of the oldest traditions in the world — the ancient art of tea — Tillerman Tea strives to introduce North America to authentic, producer direct, Taiwanese oolong tea and to inspire modern appreciation for this wondeful beverage.

Founder and President David Campbell’s lifelong affection for tea, appetite for knowledge and love of Taiwan and Taiwanese culture led to the launch of Tillerman Tea in 2007.

Every Tillerman tea tells a story …

Every Tillerman tea tells a story; a story of passion for the soil, of dedication to the art and craft of growing and making tea. The stories our teas tell are unique, and each resonates with qualities brought to it by the dedicated growers and producers who create them.

These growers and producers are committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly agricultural practices that respect the Earth and the communities in which they live and work. They see themselves as stewards of the land and the tea bushes that grow on it. These people are special.

Chen Chung Jia
Withering of Tea Leaves

… about growers and producers.

in the Lishan mountain range, Chen Chung Chia produces wonderfully aromatic and long-finishing tea. His Cuifeng is a personal favorite; rich and aromatic with full mouth feel and an intriguing finish

On Dong Ding Mountain, Chen Kuan Lin (Andy) crafts teas of amazing finesse and depth while in Taipei City, Lin Wen Shin creates classic, charcoal roasted Muzha Tieguanyin from bushes that are descendants of the very first tea plants to come to Taiwan.

Like Mr. Lin, Deng Kao Chung farms his Bai Hao without the use of pesticides and his tea is a consistent competition winner in the highly prestigious and fiercely contested annual competitions for best tea in each region.

On Chingjin Mountain central Nantou, Yen Ching Yu (Katie) produces high mountain organic tea of great depth and intensity.

And I am very pleased to be able to offer the teas made by my laoshi (teacher) Chen Huan Tang. Laoshi is a traditionalist and this is clearly reflected in his exceptional teas.

These stories and more are all reflected in the teas presented by Tillerman Tea; teas that are as exceptional as the people who make them.


Margins in the tea business tend to be high and the multiple layers in the distribution chain add to the cost of most teas. Even those who source directly, as we do, operate on high markups that can make their teas expensive propositions.

At Tillerman we are committed to lower margins which makes all of our premium teas more affordable for you while ensuring the highest returns to the growers and their families.

Alishan oolong tea

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