Hehuanshan (Laoshi) Winter 2020


Hehuanshan Gaoshan Wulong Cha (Hehuanshan High Mountain Oolong Tea)

Chen Huan Tang (Laoshi)

This Hehuanshan is one of Chen Huan Tang’s finest teas. Like the Spring 2020 Alishan tea this Hehuanshan is a far cry from the modern green style. The loosely rolled leaf sets give rise to a wonderful tawny tea soup. The complexity of this tea is simply outstanding; layers upon layers of flavor. An extremely fine tea.

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Hehuanshan Gaoshan Wulong Cha (Hehuanshan High Mountain Oolong Tea)

Chen Huan Tang (Laoshi)

This extraordinarily fine tea is one of Laoshi’s very best. It is produced on Hehuanshan, a peak in the Central Mountain Range. Hehuan, at its highest point is 3422 meters in elevation, nearly 1000 meters above the legal limit for cultivating tea plants. The mountain can be seen clearly from Wuling Pass, the highest point, and the coldest, in the Taiwan highway system at 3275 meters. Hehunshan is located inside of Taroko National Park an the border of Nantou and Hualien counties.

The tea’s fragrance jumps out as soon as the package is opened. When the loosely rolled leaves are steeped to a deep tawny color the beauty of the aroma is fully appreciated. The tea is extraordinarily complex; there are layers upon layers upon layers of flavor. In the mouth there is a rich “toasty” feel with a beautiful structure, long finish and exceptional finish. It is hard for me to recommend this tea too highly.

Grower: Chen Huan Tang
Cultivar: Qing Xin Oolong
Region: Hehuan Shan
Altitude: 2200m
Harvest: May 2020
Oxidation: 30%
Medium roast


Brewing Suggestions:

To prepare this tea in the traditional gongfu style use a gaiwan or Yixing pot and 6 grams of tea per 100ml of water at 212°F. Steep for 30 seconds. Reduce time to 25 seconds for the second steep and then increase with each subsequent steep.

For an 8 oz cup, use between 3-5 grams of tea, about a heaping teaspoon. Pour water at 212°F (100° C) over the leaves and steep for approximately 90 seconds. Always remember to adjust steeping time depending on water temperature, amount of tea you have and personal flavor preference. Increase time and temperature slightly with each infusion.

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