Dong Ding (Laoshi) Winter 2020


Dong Ding Wulong Cha (Dong Ding Oolong Tea)

Chen Huan Tang

This tea is made by my Laoshi, the man who first taught me about Taiwanese tea. It is a rich and very complex tea with a persistent finish that will please any who enjoy an expertly roasted tea. Highly recommended.


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Dong Ding Wulong Cha (Dong Ding Oolong Tea)

Chen Huan Tang (Laoshi)

This is the third Dong Ding produced by Chen Huan Tang, my teacher in Taiwan, that I have included in Tillerman’s selection; the Winter 2018 was extremely popular and I was continually running out of stock; same thing with the Spring 2019. And the Winter 2019. Now comes the Spring 2020 tea. The dry leaf is loosely rolled and a deep dark color. The wet leaf is deep, dark green color with clear signs of oxidation around the perimeter of each leaf in a set. The brew is a rich, limpid amber hue.The charcoal aroma wafts up from the pot and sets the palate to salivating mode; it comes on slowly and then persists throughout the brewing of this tea. In the mouth the tea rich, robust and complex. Laoshi’s tea is well structured with appropriate acidity in the lower palate. The length of the tea is pronounced and the finish persists for a very long time. This is another very high quality tea from Mr. Chen; it will yield multiple infusions at each session. Highly recommended for those who enjoy an expertly roasted tea.

Grower: Chen Huan Tang
Cultivar: Qing Xin Wulong
Region: Lugu, Nantou County
Altitude: 700m
Harvest: April 2020
Oxidation: 33%
Medium charcoal roasted

Brewing Suggestions:

To prepare this tea in the traditional gongfu style use a gaiwan or Yixing pot and 6 grams of tea per 100ml of water at 212°F (100° C). Steep for 35 seconds. Reduce time to 30 seconds for the second steep and then increase with each subsequent steep,

For an 8 oz cup, use between 3-5 grams of tea, about a heaping teaspoon. Pour water at 212°F (100° C) over the leaves and steep for approximately 2 minutes. Always remember to adjust steeping time depending on water temperature, amount of tea you use and your personal flavor preference. Increase time and temperature slightly with each infusion.

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